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긮Ƽ ڹ(The British Museum)

丮 ٹƮ ڹ(The Victoria and Albert Museum)

ڿڹ(Natural History Museum)

йڹ(The Science Museum)

ֽ ̼йڹ(The Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology)

ڹ(The Imperial War Museum)

̵ ڹ(The Freud Museum)

÷(The Wallace Collection)

ų (The National Gallery)

Ʈ (Tate Modern)

Ʈ 긮ư(Tate Britain)

ڿڹ(Natural History Museum)

Ÿ (The Serpentain Gallery)

ƽ ۷ Ʈ (Baltic Center of Contemprary Art)


ȭƮť(White Cube)

̼(The Design Museum)